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Target Told Campbell’s, General Mills, and Kellogg that they’re no Longer a Priority

Consumer demand for fresher, natural, organic, and locally sourced foods and beverages is reaching a crescendo and big box retailers are taking notice. Earlier this month, Target informed top suppliers Campbell Soup, General Mills, and Kellogg that the retailer intends to deemphasize these popular—but comparatively less healthy— processed brands in favor of products more in harmony…


Taco Bell & Pizza Hut Drop Artificial Colors and Flavors from their Menus

Yesterday, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut announced that they are ditching artificial colors and flavors. The “black pepper flavor” ingredient in many of Taco Bells menu items, for example, will be replaced with real black pepper. Taco Bell dubbed the move its “mots comprehensive commitment to offering food for all by providing more choices with…


Locally Grown vs. Organic: Which is More Popular with Today’s Consumers?

In January 2015, Packaged Facts released a study entitled Shopping for Local Foods in the U.S., which provides insight into American consumer’s growing demand for locally produced products. Locally grown and produced foods are experiencing a surge in popularity and are becoming increasingly more available as a result. Some industry experts have predicted that locally grown will…


California Dairy Farmer Provides Habitat for 15,000 Imperiled Birds

Frank Mendonsa, a dairy farmer in Tipton, California, and the President of Western United Dairymen was recognized earlier this week for his significant contributions to protecting two colonies of the California emergency-listed Tricolored Blackbird. Since April, Mendonsa’s silage fields became a temporary nesting habitat for the colonies of nearly 15,000 birds, and Mendonsa is delaying harvest to help the…


Farm Data Company Aims to Take the Bias out of Farm Data Pooling

There are many companies on the market that provide precision agriculture technology services to farmers. These technologies offer a variety of hardware and software applications, including drone technology. At the most basic level, precision agriculture consists of placing sensors throughout a farmer’s fields. The sensors collect a wide variety of data, including ambient temperature, soil…