MillerCoors’ Milwaukee Brewery and Corporate Offices Are Now Landfill-Free

MillerCoors, an American brewer with more than 450 years of combined heritage, today announced that its Milwaukee Brewery and corporate offices are landfill-free. The brewer eliminated 65 tons of waste that was previously sent to landfill each month from its brewery and corporate offices, logging its first landfill-free month at the brewery in December 2014. This marks MillerCoors first complete campus – brewery plus corporate offices – to achieve landfill-free operations and the seventh of the company’s eight major breweries to reach this milestone.  MillerCoors details its waste reduction successes and other sustainability achievements in the company’s 2015 Sustainability Report, which was released today.

“We’re proud to achieve landfill-free status in the place we’ve called home for more than 160 years,” said Fernando Palacios, Executive Vice President and Chief Integrated Supply Chain Officer. “MillerCoors remains committed to protecting local resources, lessening our impact on the environment and being a good neighbor by continuing to look for ways we can brew beer more sustainably, including eliminating waste sent to landfills.”

The Milwaukee Brewery reduced waste by 19 percent over the last year and now generates approximately 15 tons of waste per month. That residual waste, which cannot be reused or recycled, is sent to a waste-to-energy facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a best practice across MillerCoors. Companywide, the brewer reduced waste sent to landfill by more than 448 tons in 2014. By 2020, MillerCoors hopes to achieve landfill-free status at all its major manufacturing facilities, including the Fort Worth Brewery in Texas.

“As we look ahead to 2020, we are focused on building upon our heritage to brew a sustainable future,” said Kim Marotta, MillerCoors Director of Sustainability. “We’ve updated our sustainability strategy to reflect our past successes and to challenge ourselves in new ways. In MillerCoors 2015 Sustainability Report, we highlight how we’re embedding environmental stewardship across our operations, both inside our breweries and throughout our supply chain.”

MillerCoors 2015 Sustainability Report details the company’s achievements against its 2015 goals and introduces the brewer’s updated sustainability strategy and 2020 goals. The company continues its goal of strengthening its focus on the areas in which it will have the greatest impact, including restoring the water used in its products through stewardship projects, reducing its carbon footprint, increasing diversity amongst management positions and encouraging beer drinkers to enjoy MillerCoors products responsibly.

MillerCoors, the product of a 2008 merger between Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company, has ties back to the mid-1800s and over three hundred years of combined beer brewing experience. The mega company offers a wide variety of household beer staples, including Coors Light, miller Lite, Miller HIgh Life, and Coors Banquet, and pioneered a number of new favorites, including Blue moon and Redd’s Apple Ale.

Today, the brand maintains a number of major, craft, and micro breweries around the nation. At each of its facilities, MillerCoors has made it a goal to reduce its water-to-beer ratio of 3:1 to 1:1, keeping in line with many sustainability trends advocating smarter water usage practices. The company has already decreased its water-to-beer ration from 4.1:1 in 2008 to 3.36:1 in 2014.

To that end, the company hopes to “[r]estore a volume of water equal to the final product volume from [its] breweries locate din water-stressed watersheds, through stewardship projects that directly contribute to the sustainability of the local water resources.”

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